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Our brand

Hermes Fulfilment - The will to fulfil.

We can only achieve our goals with a strong team. And with passion and motivation to make a difference. Because only together can we make Hermes Fulfilment what it is: an employer that motivates all employees, awakens their passion and gives them fulfillment. This gives us the strength we need to continue to develop successfully as a company. That's why we have consolidated our values and reinvented ourselves. For you.

Our vision for 2028

"We are one of the 3 largest B2C fulfillment service providers for parcel and large item logistics in Europe and our operations are climate-neutral."

Kevin Kufs CEO | Chairman of the Management Board

Our brand

Hermes Fulfilment - The will to fulfil.

What does that actually mean for us? It means a great deal: if you're willing to give your all, you won't just find a good job at Hermes Fulfilment – you'll embark on a career that brings you fulfillment, both in your professional aspirations and the personal opportunities that await you with us. We provide the freedom you need to achieve your unique goals. Because we believe that only with truly satisfied employees can we form a team that's dedicated to giving 100% in order to reach our ambitious objectives. We value respect, care, and team spirit. Together, we strive to do our best today for an even better tomorrow.

Our values

These are principles that we follow at all our locations. Although you can't see them, you can feel them every day. Because we have developed our values together and are committed to living them. Even as we grow, we stay the way we are - and make Hermes Fulfilment a place where everyone can develop freely and find fulfillment in the long term.

  • Will to shape

    Seeking new challenges and always going the extra mile.

    The will to create helps us to actively shape and secure the future for ourselves, our customers and partners. It is in our nature to question routines, deal courageously with change and break new ground. We do this with passion and joy - and without bending. Even when things get difficult, we keep at it. We don't see mistakes as a failure, but as an opportunity to learn from them and develop further. Our view of the future is full of curiosity. We often surpass ourselves in the process.

    As a Hermes Fulfilment employee, we give you all the freedom you need to develop. Just the way you want it. For example, by promoting your talent and commitment. And giving you opportunities for further training or the next step in your career. Grow with your tasks and promote the growth of the Hermes Fulfilment Group. Or take your career opportunities into your own hands by taking part in our targeted development opportunities such as TechUcation.

  • Mindfulness

    Protecting the health of our employees and our planet in order to look positively into the future.

    The health of our employees and the planet is absolutely essential for us. That's why we take a very close look at our own resources and those of our planet - and we treat them with care. We take care of our health by finding a balance between stress and relief. So that we come to work fit and happy and feel safe there. Through our sustainable behavior in the workplace, we try to leave behind an environment worth living in for the next generation. All of this is important to us.

    But what does that mean in concrete terms? With us, you can expect a healthy work-life balance. To help you stay healthy, we also offer a wide range of additional services such as company doctors and health days. We are committed to the planet with our sustainability plan. We want to be climate-neutral at all locations by 2028. To achieve this, we are saving material wherever possible - for example in our shipping packaging or in the development of environmentally friendly packaging for our customers.

  • Diversity & team spirit

    Colorful, respectful and always there for each other to achieve a lot together.

    The diversity of our employees is a matter of course for us. Without exception, we respect, welcome and value the diversity of our colleagues, their different cultures, beliefs, nationalities and their very individual abilities, skills and views. Discrimination is banned at our company. Without exception, we experience all of this as enriching - and as an extremely important part of our own corporate culture. This enables us to break new ground flexibly, dynamically and innovatively.

    Team spirit is existential for us. It starts with a friendly greeting and also means that we value each other as a team and help each other as a matter of course. We are also open and honest with each other. Everyone in our team shows a clear interest in each other and supports each other. Everyone remains true to themselves, with their strengths, but also with their small weaknesses. We talk openly about mistakes, pull together and share the joy of our joint success, which is only possible thanks to our team spirit.

WE – Our mission statement for leadership and cooperation

We developed our Work Essentials (WE) together with managers and employees at various locations. This has created clear rules on how we talk to each other and behave as a team. We also give each other regular feedback. This helps us to overcome the challenges of everyday working life, live our values together and achieve our vision.

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