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It's great that you want to become part of our exciting and colorful Hermes Fulfilment family and bring your power, ideas and passion to us. We are already looking forward to meeting you!
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We are looking forward to getting to know you - and to working with you to achieve great things. No matter at which of our locations worldwide - your entry opportunities at Hermes Fulfilment are as diverse as our teams and your future colleagues. So that you know exactly how the process for your application at Hermes Fulfilment works, we have compiled all the important information for you here.

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Application tips

We look forward to receiving your application and reviewing your documents. If you are a good fit for the position, we can't wait to get to know you better. If we find a match, you will receive an employment contract from us and your onboarding process will begin.

Application process

With just a few clicks, you can land your dream job by applying at Hermes Fulfilment! We pride ourselves on our short processes, fairness, transparency, and speed.

Frequently asked questions

Would you like to know something else, or are you missing some information about applying to Hermes Fulfilment? No problem, we have prepared a FAQ for you.


Get to know your contact persons at the locations.

Your application tips at a glance

Your Application

Have you discovered your dream job with us?
Then just click on the "Apply now" button in the job posting and you'll land on our application form. In addition to the most important information about yourself, you can also upload your documents here. Of course your data is safe with us, our data protection standards are high! As soon as you are finished, press "Submit" and your application will automatically be sent to the person who will guide you through the rest of the process. Postal applications can be considered in the application process, but cannot be returned to you after the selection process has been completed.

Your documents

What makes a convincing application?
The most important thing is that we can get a first impression of you "at a glance". For this purpose, we recommend a meaningful resume in which you provide us with information about yourself, your education, and your previous practical experience. If you feel that you would like to tell us more about yourself, you are of course welcome to add a cover letter. A short cover letter gives our recruiters the chance to learn more about you, your motivation, availability and salary expectations. It can never hurt, but just like a photo, it's not a must ;)

Getting to know us

You have made an impression on us!
Our aim is to give you feedback on the next steps as quickly as possible. If you are a good fit for our position, your contact from the HR department will usually get in touch with you by phone to arrange an initial meeting. In order to get to know us as quickly and easily as possible, the first interview will take place virtually (or by telephone).

Your employment contract

We are a perfect match!
Your HR contact will send you your employment contract, important forms and documents, and a QR code to our onboarding website. As soon as you have signed, we will make sure that all formalities are completed by your first day of work, so that you are ready to work immediately.

Our Onboarding

Let's take off together!
To make sure you arrive safely and get started right away, we will provide you not only with relevant information, but also with the best technical equipment. A mentor will be at your side, especially in the early days, to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Your team will take care of your first training appointments and introduce you to our HF culture. In addition to the first technical topics, you can build up a diverse network right from the first day.

The most important questions & info at a glance

  • Documents

    What is the maximum size of my application documents?
    In principle, you can provide us with as many documents as you like. In addition to your CV, you are of course welcome to send us a letter of motivation and references. Everything that helps us to get a good impression of you is welcome. Decide for yourself whether or not you want to include a photo. Please use PDF as file type and try not to exceed 10 MB. We are looking forward to your application!

    Can I send my application documents for more than one position?
    You are welcome to apply for more than one position. Please make sure that the position suits you and use the "Apply here" link in each job description. We are pleased that you like several jobs at Hermes Fulfilment!

    Can I send an unsolicited application?
    You can find all the current vacancies we have to offer on our homepage. Since we do not have an application pool for data protection reasons, we ask for your understanding that we cannot accept unsolicited applications.

    Can I apply even if I don't meet all the requirements set out in the job advertisement?
    Of course. It is super rare that a person meets 100% of the requirements for a position. Our experienced recruiters are aware of this, and they also consider applications that may not be a 100% match at first glance in the rest of the application process. However, certain basic requirements should already be met.

    How long will my data be stored?
    We meet all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. You can find all the relevant information here. Your documents and all personal data will be deleted/anonymized from our system as soon as your application process is completed.

    Do I need a cover letter and a photo in my documents?
    No, this is not a requirement. However, a cover letter can be very helpful to explain your motivation to our recruiters, as well as information that is not shown in your resume. Just decide for yourself how you would like to apply.

  • Application process

    How long does it take until I receive an answer/feedback?
    As a rule, we try to give you an initial response within 2 weeks. Sometimes it can be faster, in very rare cases (e.g. during vacations) it can take longer. But please don't hesitate to contact the person you find on the job posting if it's too slow for you.

    How will I be contacted?
    If we are interested in your application, you will be contacted by phone to discuss further steps, such as scheduling an appointment to get to know each other. We ask for your understanding that due to the large number of applications we receive, we can only send rejections by e-mail. If you have any questions, you can of course contact the person listed on the job posting at any time.

    How do I know if a job posting is still current?
    All jobs that you find on our homepage are up to date. If a position is filled, we immediately remove it from the web.

    Why am I on first name terms?
    We are all on first name terms at Hermes Fulfilment and we are proud of that. That's why the entire application process is also on a first-name basis: from the job posting to contacting us to the employment contract.

  • Getting to know each other

    What does aptitude diagnostics or Predictive Index mean?
    We use the PI Behavioral Assessment, or Predictive Index (PI) for short, as a tool during the application process. The PI is a short online procedure in which you perform a self-assessment of yourself. By ticking various adjectives in two questions, you describe your drives and behavior. The results are completely anonymous and will be discussed with you in an introductory meeting.

    Do all interviews at Hermes Fulfilment take place virtually or on site?
    That varies greatly. To save time and speed up the process, we prefer a virtual first meeting where possible. After that, we simply discuss together how the next steps can be arranged in a meaningful way. From further virtual appointments to on-site appointments or hybrid variants, everything is possible.

    Does Hermes Fulfilment cover my travel costs?
    Yes, Hermes Fulfilment will cover your travel costs. However, only up to the amount of a Deutsche Bahn ticket (2nd class incl. City Option). You should discuss other methods of travel in advance with your contact person in the HR department.

    What is the best way to prepare for a meeting?
    Since time is often limited for a first meeting, preparation is everything. Think in advance about what you would like to tell us about yourself as a person. In addition to professional successes and know-how, we are of course always interested in your personality. What do you enjoy, what are your goals or what annoys you? The goal of the interview is always to see whether you as an applicant fit in with us as a company. That's why part of the interview will be to tell you what we can offer you as an employer, what your future team will be like, and what exemplary tasks could be. And of course, feel free to ask any questions you would like to know. We will try to answer them all ?

We are always there for you!

You will always find your contact person at the bottom of the job advertisement. If you have general questions, please look for the location you are interested in and contact them directly!

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