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Diversity? Of course!

For us, this is a matter of course and an everyday occurrence. Because the world of Hermes Fulfilment is colorful and diverse. And diversity can have different facets, faces and stories: from gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities to religion and ideology, sexual orientation, social and ethnic origin, nationality or age. That's all diversity!

At Hermes Fulfilment, we believe that everyone is equally valuable. That's why we respect, tolerate and value all kinds of diversity. Because it is always an enrichment for us. We are so convinced of this that diversity is an integral part of our corporate values. We have also signed the Diversity Charter and continue to set an example for diversity with the Inter* Inclusive Pride Flag.

4,9 %

Severely disabled quota

41 %

Younger than 21 or older than 55

> 50 %

Women in the team


Nationalities in the team


The Inter* Inclusive Pride Flag

Fits in perfectly here! Because we all find ourselves in the colours of the rainbow. They symbolise a wide variety of themes: Red for life, yellow for the sun, pink for sexuality and blue for harmony. In many cultures around the world, the diversity flag also symbolizes a proud commitment - to people, to peace, new beginnings and change, to tolerance, acceptance, hope and diversity of lifestyles.

Diversity Charter

This is a corporate initiative for the active promotion of diversity in companies and institutions. It was launched in 2006 and stands for the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the world of work. We have signed the charter and are committed to always offering our employees the same opportunities - regardless of gender, age, religion, sexual identity, origin and disability. Because we are proud of each and every one of you!

Diversity at Hermes Fulfilment

  • Gender

    The gender ratio at our company is much more balanced than the average in the logistics industry. We are proud to do our work with strong colleagues of all genders. Equal rights are a top priority for us: whether it's standardized pay in line with collective agreements, women in management positions or attractive opportunities to combine family and career - it's all a matter of course for us.

  • Physical and mental abilities

    All employees are an important part of our success. Even with different physical or mental abilities, everyone is a valued and valuable part of our team. That's why we are always finding new ways to make work easier for everyone at Hermes Fulfilment, for example with new exoskeletons to support us in our dispatch centres or with adapted desk workstations.
    We also have a higher proportion of severely disabled employees in the logistics sector than anywhere else. We are happy to support you with our representative body for severely disabled employees and answer your questions about barrier-free working at Hermes Fulfilment.

  • Age

    Our work is not a matter of age. On the contrary: we believe that cooperation between young and old helps us move forward. Because we can learn from each other and grow together in the face of challenges. This works particularly well for us: 20% of our colleagues are over 55 and 21% are under 25. For example, trainees can help their experienced colleagues with digital challenges. And experienced colleagues give the younger ones valuable practical tips. In this way, everyone contributes to the success of Hermes Fulfilment!

  • Ethnic origin

    We are colorful: at Hermes Fulfilment, people from 69 nations work together to achieve common goals. We solve problems by sticking together and using our individual experiences to find creative solutions. Despite many different native languages, we understand each other and form a strong team. In doing so, we actively break down prejudices.

  • Sexual orientation

    We spell our diversity as LGBTQIA+ - which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and all other sexual orientations and gender identities. Respect, tolerance and an open approach to sexual orientation are a matter of course for us. That's why you'll see the Inter* Inclusive Pride Flag here. A flag that reflects all aspects of our community - just like we do at Hermes Fulfilment.

  • Religion and worldview

    We believe in peaceful coexistence. No matter what religion or world view you have. We are committed to treating each other with respect and appreciation.

  • Social background

    We give people with different social backgrounds the same opportunities. Because people with different backgrounds enrich us - we are more innovative and successful in colorful teams. No matter what career level you are at, our "Talent Program" will prepare you for a specialist management position if that is what you want. This is unique in the logistics industry.

What our team says

"We are open-minded and proud of our diversity, which always offers us opportunities for innovative and creative solutions."

Anita Flitner, Culture & Development Manager

"I was immediately impressed by the people here. The diversity, the many nations, the openness - Hermes Fulfilment is colorful and I think that's great"

Elke Bruns, Corporate Health Management


We uncover unconscious biases

Unconscious biases influence our daily actions. They have an impact on all types of diversity if they are not actively recognized and taken into account when making decisions. These unconscious biases can make our everyday lives easier because they allow us to act from experience and more quickly. But we still need to take a critical look at them because they can also have a negative impact on our work and our life together. That is why we are constantly aware of our unconscious biases and always work on dealing with them appropriately. In this way, we ensure a solid basis for our team composition, customer contact and every collaboration.

Our networks & partners

#experienced ➔

#experienced – The cross-generational network of OTTO colleagues

Since 2018, the #experienced network has been promoting the vision of respectful collaboration between all generations - for example, by designing working environments that are orientated towards different phases of life and promoting age-appropriate cooperation at OTTO.

antiRacism ➔

antiRacism – For diversity & equality

The antiRacism network raises awareness of structural racism in society and in the professional environment. They raise awareness of the issue and advise you on any questions you may have.

Diversity @ inclusion ➔

With Diversity & Inclusion, we give you a transparent insight into our D&I activities. Regular reports will tell you where OTTO stands today in the individual diversity fields and what this means for the future.


MORE* is the Otto Group's queer network. Around 450 supporters are committed to the interests of the LGBTQI+ community. They are contact persons for you and promote an unprejudiced approach to sexual identity in the workplace.


PLAN F aims to overcome structural barriers to equal opportunities at all levels. The network has existed since 2016 and has 40 active members and 200 other supporters.

Väter@OTTO ➔

Since 2014, the Väter@OTTO network has stood for active fatherhood and partnership-based career development. The aim is to make family and career more compatible. It is open to fathers, mothers and interested parties from all Group companies.

Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

We are clearly committed to human rights. As a responsible corporate group, we always bear in mind our responsibility towards people and nature in addition to our economic goals.

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